Service Animals in Public Spaces

Helping businesses understand working service animals

Northeast ADA Center resources about service animals and more:

  • The ADA and Service Animals: What’s a service animal? The answer depends on the situation, and this FAQ article explains the basics.
  • The ADA and Service Animal Handlers: What should someone with a service animal know about rights and responsibilities as a service animal handler when they are out and about in the community? This FAQ article discusses a few important points.
  • Miniature Horses as Service Animals: This article offers an overview of miniature horses as service animals.
  • The Spirit of the ADA and Your Business: The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has many regulations, and as a business owner, you may feel that you have a lot to do to meet ADA requirements. However, this article suggests that it may help to approach compliance not as a pile of to-do items, but instead as a way of building your brand and making all your customers feel welcome and included.
  • Webinar intro to this website: Play this pre-recorded video to hear Chris Sweet, technical assistant for the Northeast ADA Center and author of this site, discuss service animals in businesses and introduce this site (53:33).

Other helpful resources about service animals: